3 breeding pairs

by Rigoberto B. Saturno
(Santa Rosa City, Laguna, Philippines)

Good day, can I breed 3 to 4 breeding pairs of gouldians in one flight cage 18in wd. X 17in ht. X 72in lenght with 3 to 4 nest boxes? Or second option with 2 male gouldians and 4 female gouldians in the same size of cage and nest boxes? I am using society finches as foster parent.

Hoping for your help.Thanks.

Hi Rigoberto,

I have done a little research for you regarding the demensions of your cage. 24" long x 13" deep x 14" high is probably the smallest size that I would want to use. Your depth and height are not too small. I would put 2 dividers at 24" intervals inside the cage to create three individual compartments for one pair each. I have tried colony breeding, but I have always had a better outcome with pair breeding. You could certainly try your first option and/or your second one as well. Either option has possibilities as long as the chicks are to be fostered. I would watch the two males to be sure is no competitive or aggressive behaviour between them.

Hope this helps, Jeanie

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