3 week old goulian just died


I am so upset one of my goudlians has just died. it was 3 weeks old and looked really strong. does anyone know why this has happened. I fed them about 20 mins before. the other one is fine. it was the weaker one which I had to help out of the egg. I can believe it has happened at 3 weeks old. has anyone else lost a bird at 3 weeks?
Many thanks

Hello Clare,

I am sad to hear of your loss. The fact that your chick needed help to hatch tells me that it had less than a good chance of surviving to adulthood. That is just an observation based on my personal experience. The fact that it lived three weeks is a credit to you. The week or so before a chick becomes a fledgling is considered by many to be a very difficult and stressful period for developing Gouldians. I cannot say with any proof or evidence, but sometimes a less hardy bird just isn't able to keep up developing. With Sympathy, Jeanie

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Oct 16, 2010
Three week old chick
by: Anonymous

I just went back and realized that you had written before and we thought the darker bird could be a blue. Blue backed Gouldians are always less hardy and more fragile chicks and adults. It has to do with the fact that they have two recessive genes. By hand feeding him as you did, you gave him the only chance he had. J

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