abandoning the nest

by tracey

hi, i have a pair of goulds who laid 5 eggs. the female incubated the eggs for 14 days and nights without help from the cock but now she seems to have given up even though the eggs appear to be fine. she hasn't slept in the nest for the last two nights. does this mean the eggs won't hatch and should i remove them?

Hi Tracey,

Most likely,yes, but before removing the eggs, I would use a little pen light flashlight and check to see if the eggs are alive or not. Hold the light real close to the eggs and look to see if there are lots of little red blood vessels inside the eggs. If there are blood vessels the eggs are fertile and growing. They will need to be kept warm and be fostered as soon as possible if possible. In my experience, if a pair give up on brooding, I think they know somehow that their eggs aren't going to hatch and they get ready to try again by abandoning them. At the very least you will know if the eggs are not fertile and need to be disposed of.

Wish I had better ideas for your situation. Good luck, Jeanie

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