Adding a third wheel

BREEDERS with multiple birds have the advantage of having older birds as teachers available to the young birds I.e. what to eat where to go etc. I have a four and sixth month old and I was wondering if by adding a mature third party that would educate the younger two. Is this advisable? The juvies are really great together and I would not want to introduce another bird that might cause trouble.

You'll never know until you try, what will happen if a newcomer is added. If the idea interests you and you want to see how things would go and you aren't adding a bird that could introduce an illness or a parasite, why not try it? You'll be watching them all closely through their adjustment period out of curiosity anyway, so you'll see quickly how they react to one another. Easy to pull the newcomer out if you spot some nasty behaviour.
I had some Gouldians that were very uninterested in their bath tub so I put some old timer society finch in as a teacher bird and that worked real well. Also noticed how long it took to get some Gouldians to try new types of foods. Societies would always be so curious that they'd swoop on new stuff and I think it did set things in motion for my Goulds sooner rather than later.
Keep us posted on what you do, OK?
Thanks, Jeanie

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