Adualt birds deing

by mohamad
(san jose,ca,usa)

I bought few young birds

i put them in cage by them self with my young birds
every month or one die in the one cage.
I change the cage same problem
why in one group i loss the birds

I had a similar problem when I bought a few new Gouldians and it turned out they had worms. I don't know enough about your birds to say that is what is happening and I cannot give medical diagnoses. There is a medicine that takes care of most internal parasites. If you think that might be the trouble, do some research on Ivermectin. Google,I think sell products that I found to be effective for canaries and finches. Ivermectin injectible is a powerful medicine primarily used for cattle and pigs. If you decide to try it, be certain that you get the specific directions for dosing and giving it to Gouldians. I must repeat this is a powerful drug that can kill your birds if you don't use it exactly as you are told. Best idea, get the medicine from an aviary veterinarian and follow the directions exactly. Best wishes, Jeanie

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