after 20 days waiting no baby gouldians

by shabnam delsouzi


I bought one pair gouldian finch from bangkok thailand and bring to my country Iran Tehran chity with flight.
i have them near 10 month..they were so young i think 5 months.
now...after some days the male dance for female but not mate because i never see...but several times dancing.
2 months after 20 days waiting no baby from 10 eggs.that was the first time that they had eggs.
another time they had 6 eggs and can't keep well. don't know why?
their aviary good and wood nest too. food and water good.
the room teprature is 21 c and humidity is very low.
which one is their problem... they are mating..humidity..etc please tell me.
I hade white finch 5 years ago..after 1 year big family with 40 finches.
I like my gouldians make see their baby..please help me and my beautiful gouldians.

thank you so much


Please forgive my lateness in responding to your question. Somehow I have overlooked it or some how missed it until now. A thousand apologies.

The reason why you have not seen them mate is because they do that inside their nest box.

I have found that a higher temperature leads to a better success rate when breeding. Of all the finches Gouldians need the most heat. Australian springs and summers temperatures can get up to 110 F. I had the best success when I kept my birds in the high 70's or low 80's. Humidity is important too. Increasing that might help. Misting around their cage frequently may help or just put out some open containers of water near their cage. You did not mention full spectrum lighting, the closest thing we have to real sunlight. It is important that they get 14 hours of full spectrum lighting. Diet is critical also. They must have egg food and dark green vegetables as well as a calcium source such as mineralized oyster shells for grit available to them every day while breeding and molting.

Please excuse me for not being able to answer your questions earlier,

Wishing the best for you and your birds, Jeanie

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May 30, 2013
Breeding Lady Gouldians
by: Anonymous

I'd also like to add to your comments that are so very true and helpful for me.
When I notice the two in the box I stay away and let them alone as they stress very easily, and then may not take care of the clutch. Gouldians are not so easy to breed. If the eggs hatch the male is apt to want to breed again. He may or may not throw the babies out of box. In this case you might want to set up a pair of society finches at the same time to foster the young babies. You can even swap out the eggs from societies and place the Gould eggs in their place. Also a very good product called Aviagra has the vitamin E and mineral they need during breeding season. and Vitamin D is also good to use.
Good luck to you.

Thank you so much for your kind comment. Jeanie

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