Babies dying during their molt

After my babies are eating on their own and about to get their bright colors they die. I have had 5 clutches and all of the babies die when they are molting. Could it be a vitamin deficiency?

If you are feeding them cooked egg and egg food, fresh greens, lots of millet and sterilized egg shells or a mineralized oyster shell grit, I doubt it's a vitamin problem. I wouldn't know which vitamin it would be. I don't have much faith in all the additives offered to treat Gouldians. If this was happening to my birds, I'd find and call an avian vet.,and I would ask them. I If they could speak to me about finches. I don't know where you live, but you could Google the Australian Exhibit at the National Aquarium in Baltimore, MD about how they would treat their Gouldians.So sorry I am so late answering you. I have been overwhelmed by the response I get from the website. Jeanie

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