Babies in the hut!

I have babies in the hut and my husband is worried that they will fall out of the hut. We have the hut tied to the top of the cage as I thought they liked to be up high in the wild to have their babies. Should I move the hut lower so if they fall out it won't be such a long fall???

Kenda - first time lady gouldian breeder!

Hi Kenda,

You are right. Gouldians do like to have their nests near the top of their enclosures. I have never had any babies fall out of their nests, but that is not to say that it won't ever happen. Only you can judge the probability that such an accident is likely. Can you see parts of the babies sticking out of the nest opening? Are their bodies close to the opening? Is the opening level with the floor of the nest? I think I would try to block the lower portion of the nest opening with nesting material if either of those situations existed. If your cage and nest aren't too high would it be possible to place a bowl of seed right below it, to cushion a fall if it happened?

Lowering the nest is also a possibility. I guess if you wanted to do that it would be alright with the parents, but I don't really know. If you are asking me what I would do, I would trust my parent birds to take good care of their chicks and not move the nest, but I would also want to consider my husband's feelings. Either way will most likely be fine. Your parents have done well so far.

Thanks for visiting my site, Jeanie

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