Baby died

by Debbie
(St. Cloud FL)

Hi My pair were excellent parents. They sat on their eggs. They both stayed in the nest. I heard peeping one morning.

Then the next morning nothing, and the next. We then saw the pair for the first time both leave the nest. One always had stayed inside. I knew something was wrong. When we checked two eggs did not hatch and the baby was dead. What went wrong? They raised 6 babies for the breeder I purchased the pair from?

Hi Debbie,

Very sad. I can't say for certain, but my first thought would be to increase the humidity and temperature surrounding their cage. I would hang a ceramic heat bulb, (the ones that are sold for reptiles, that don't give off light, close to the nest box. Gouldians don't like sudden changes in temperature and they do best in higher temperatures than other types of finches. You know a chick hatched and to get that far I am pretty sure that you are giving them a good diet. Can you contact the breeder that you purchased them from and get him/her to describe their previous environment?

Hope this helps, Jeanie

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