baby finch hiccupping

by julia

5-6 hour old finch is hiccupping. I gave it a few drops of pedialyte. what could be wrong?

Hi Julia,

If the parents have abandoned the chicks, then and only then would I be scrambling to find foster parents or get prepared to hand feed. The first couple of days following hatching the chicks are getting their nutrition from the yellow yolk sac you can see in their abdomens. They do not need any supplemental feeding. I would be very careful not to interfere with the parents or chicks at this point. Unless the parents have tossed out the chicks or totally abandoned them by not going into the nest box at all, I would leave them alone. It is all too easy to kill a chick by choking it when trying to feed it. I can't explain the hiccups. I hope they will subside on their own. I have seen hiccups in chicks and they resolved on their own.

Best wishes, Jeanie

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