baby gouldians

by Denise
(Walnut Creek, Ca.)

How old are the birds when I can tell male from female?

Hi Denise

I can never tell the sexes until the first adult feathers appear. It is a good bet that if a Gouldian has completed it's first molt from juvenile plummage to adult colors that the bird is six months old at least. It could be older by several months.

Thanks for contacting me, Best wishes, Jeanie

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Jan 24, 2013
sexing birds
by: dan uk

hi Jeanie,I was shown how to sex birds or for that matter most mamals, that you can do it with a needle and cotten. how it works is that you hold the bird in one hand with its chest faceing up and hold the threaded needle and cotten in the other just above its chest, if it goes backwards and forwards its a male and if goes in a circular motion its a female. and believe me it works i have sexed bengalese and have been 100% right. like i said it works on most mamals i have tryed it on family members with the right result. it would be nice to know if any body else has done this. all the best Dan

WOW, Dan, Hope to get some more comments on this subject. Jeanie

Feb 08, 2012
determining sex
by: dhiman

its been a pleasure breeding gouldians and thanks to jeanie that she provides us with excellent tips, i defenitely agree with her comments.

before the 1st moult there is a way by which we can determine the sex that is the male juvenilles sometimes stand erect and calls, sometimes they do the courtship dance.

Thank you so very much. Jeanie

Feb 06, 2012
Babies that sing
by: Janet

I have three babies that are 3 months old. I have one that has been singing for about a month so I know I have at least one male.

Feb 04, 2012
Babies in full color
by: Anonymous

I have two babies that were born on sept 16th 2011 and the female is completely colored and has been for about 2 weeks and the male is just now starting to show his color, he has a few red specks on his head and has his white breast coming in, so I know he is going to be red head and white breasted, I knew he was a male because he has been singing for quite some time now, so I knew for sure I had one male and one female. This is my first babies that have survied and I'm so proud of them!!


Hi Lisa,

Congratulations!!!! Breeding success stories still thrill me. I love to hear about it. Thanks for adding to my site. Jeanie

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