Baby leaving nest

by Meryl
(Roslyn, New York)

My lady gouldians had three clutches; first time the eggs were not fertilized, second time they had four but they tossed the babies at about four days old. I tried hand feeding but was unsuccessful. Finally, four more eggs! Two had babies inside but they never hatched and the eggs were finally tossed. We had two babies left in the nest but one died at close to two weeks of age. The last baby seems to be doing well. The parents feed him in the nest. He is approximately 20 days old with green and tan feathers. Will he leave the nest on his own or do the parents get him out? Will they continue to feed him or can he eat on his own? I plan on removing the nest but when do I do that? Does the baby return to the nest after he is out of it?

I even bought four society finches just in case they were needed but I am relieved that the gouldians were able to raise at least one baby. I don't think I am willing to go through the drama of having more babies die.

Hi Meryl,

Yes, the chick will leave the nest on his own schedule. If he's 20 days old, it will be fairly soon. For a while though, he will return to the nest frequently. The chick will need a few days before he is able to eat enough food to get by without his parents feeding him. It is a good idea to remove the nest box in a few days. That will avoid the possibility of the male parent becoming aggressive toward the juvenile should he try to re-enter the nest box after fledging. I'm guessing that the male wants to mate again and has lost interest in his youngster. Just watch them and see how they treat each other. Trust your observations. Sometimes there is no aggression and they can all stay together happily.

Thanks for visiting my website and congratulations on succeeding with the one chick. Sounds as though it has been a hard road for you. Jeanie

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