Baby zebra finch

by Lakisha

My baby finch looks to be a day or so old, he barely has feathers, I notice every time I put him back into the nest the father tosses it back out. I don't know what to do or how to save the baby. Also SHOULD I remove the nesting box?

Hi Lakisha,

Oh my, that is so disheartening to have happen. It is so sad. I can only suggest that you get some hand feeding formula and try to hand feed the little guy and keep him warm. Hand feeding is a very time intensive option. I preferred to foster unwanted chicks, but that doesn't sound like an option for you this time. I am only guessing, but did your pair only have one chick to hatch? Sometimes a finch pair will give up on raising just one little chick. It is a lot of work and time for them to raise just one. So it is possible that your pair may not toss other future chicks out. You can of course take down the nest. However, that may not stop them from trying to breed. I wish there was a better answer, but I don't know one.

Best Wishes, Jeanie

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