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I have a male gouldian about 7 years old. He went through a molt as usual, but I noticed that he had a thin new spot above his right eye. I assumed it would fill in after the molt, however , the spot is larger and his molt is completed. What can I do to help him?

One bird owner suggested adding iodine to the drinking water (she reported that he was moving his head in a way that she recommended this, however, the only movement I ever note is the male mating dance with singing and hopping, so I am not certain that this is correct advice.) I appreciate any help you can provide.
Thank you
Suzanne Windsor

Hi Suzanne,

Iodine is one of the trace minerals that Gouldians need in minute amounts. A deficiency in Iodine usually will show itself in the form of a goiter. While there is a small amount of iodine in cuttle bones, giving your bird mineralized oyster shell grit is a good way to increase the amount of iodine. If the bird was mine I would try this before adding iodine to the water. Iodine is also found in egg shells. Sterilize some wet egg shells,(2-3 min. on high in a microwave), crush them when they are dry and offer them too.

Feathers are mostly made from protein. The main source of protein comes from the egg food they are fed. Vitamin D3 comes from animal sources also. Vitamin D3 is stored in the skin of the bird. It must be activated by full spectrum lights to produce egg shells, bones and healthy feathers. Are you using full spectrum lights?

Many issues with Gouldians are unjustly blamed on poor nutrition. You said your bird was at least 7 years old. If he has had no difficulty until now and if you have been feeding him the same diet along the way, I doubt that nutrition is the cause. We all change as we age.

It will do no harm to offer

the mineralized oyster shell grit and crushed egg shell in small amounts if you are not already providing it.

Hope this helps, Jeanie

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