BB goulds

by Johnny Le Blanc III
(Kentwood, LA)

I bred my first BB goulds and had 3 BB offspring. The birds were doing great for the first few months and now they are mysteriously dying. The GB's from the same parents are fine. Mom is a BH, PB, BB and dad is a BH, PB, GB split to blue. In their first clutch they threw 3 GB's. Their second clutch which is the one I am referring to here threw 3 BB. Their third clutch threw 2GB and one BB. They just recently fledged. I have successfully bred goulds now for almost 4 years and in all honesty I have never lost a bird. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much, Johnny Le Blanc III.

Hello Johnny,

It doesn't sound as though you need any help. You must be doing everything right for your birds or you would not have had the successes you have had. I can not tell you why, but from my experiences, blue back Gouldians seem to just be more fragile birds. I am only guessing, but I think their must be some other mutations that occur in the blue backs' genes that are not visible, the way the mutations that alter the feather colors are. I don't know of any research to support my theory. I can only say that things never went perfectly or like clock work as they did with GB or YB in my aviary when I tried to raise BBs. I don't believe or see how the problem could be caused by either your actions or mine.

Wish I knew more. Perhaps we'll get some comments on this subject. Jeanie

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Dec 05, 2013
Maybe close relatives
by: Addie

Maybe the it's close relatives, I had that this summers after the babies fledge it slowly died and I ask my breeder friend, she said maybe the its a close relatives.

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