beak care

by Patti

one of my 3, 3 yr old gouldians has a beak that has grown to where the tips cross, instead of meeting at the tip. it does not appear to interfere with eating or drinking. do I need to file the tips down so that they will correct themselves, or will this be a permanent issue. I am concerned that the tips will continue to grow to the point that the bird will not be able to eat seed.

Hi Patti,

I thought I had answered your question, but here it is again. Crazy computers.

I have had the same concerns with a few of my Gouldians. Some very tiny crossing tips I have clipped off with nail clippers and some I have used a diamond nail file and filed gradually over a few weeks. It can be life threatening if too much is cut off and the beaks bleeds.

Hope this helps. Jeanie

also, this last March, at the beginning of molting, one of the birds plucked himself bald from the middle of his body, down, wherever he could reach. not a very attractive sight! He had not done that during previous moltings, and does not pull feathers out now. is this normal? March is still cold here in North Georgia, so I was very concerned about him staying warm.


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Dec 29, 2011
overlooked question
by: Jeanie

Hi Pattie,

Guess I didn't scroll down to see all of your question. Very sorry.
When I am worried that a bird might be cold for whatever reason, I will hang a heat source, like a heating pad on low or a ceramic heat bulb in a shop light on the side of the cage or just a lamp near where the bird that worries me most often sits. I think if a bird wants to get warmer, it will seek out that warm spot over and over again. Sometimes I just cover the cage near where the bird sits. That pretty much controls my worrying too.

I can't really answer your question about what is "normal" or not. I think of my birds as little people in feathers having individual bodily functions and brains. I guess a better way to answer you is to say it's not unheard of. It can happen even when a bird is being given everything it needs. It doesn't mean you are doing anything wrong. I used to think if I did everything right for the birds, that nothing would go wrong. Then I realized that life isn't like that. Sorry I overlooked your concerns.


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