Beak Sharpening

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My two sweet little finches will suddenly begin to swipe their beaks against their perches for several passes whenever I come close and start sweet talking them.

If I encourage them, they seem to intensify their beak action and this can go on for a couple of minutes.

The smaller one, "Sugar," often chooses to do his "Beak" thing on the small bars of his cage almost like he is playing a harp or something.

If I rake my fingernail across a couple of his cage bars, he will answer me by raking his beak across some of the bars of his cage near where he is perched.

Are my birdies using some kind of territorial instinct to warn me that I am too close or are they showing some kind of affection or are they simply trying to please me by showing off?

They do something new almost every day to thrill and delight me and to bring warm tears of love to my cheeks sometimes.

Hi John,

Your notes gave me wonderful goose bumps. Welcome to the wonderful world of Lady Gouldians!! If they want to warn you of something, they will shrink back and you'll know they are scared. I think they identify with your kindness and gentle nature and they want you to know they are happy to be with you and they appreciate your efforts for them. Call me crazy, but there is no other finch or bird for that matter, like a sweet Gouldian.
There is a part of the breeding ritual during which a female will sort of bow toward the male and swipe her beak back and forth along the perch at their feet, but I don't think that is what you are seeing. Thanks for writing, Jeanie

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Sep 06, 2012
My Birdies And Me
by: John Liming

Yes, they are like people to me - - - they are like innocent and extremely sweet little children-- with feathers and beaks and winning ways.

I will stand at the corner of both their cages (They live separately but not more than 4 inches apart) and they will come over to be close to me and I will talk to them and they will listen intently to every word and when I leave they will call to me to come back and do it all over again.

Just before bed at night, they decide it is time to play and they will run back and forth on their perches and peck at their mirrors and ring their little bells and look to me for encouragement and praise.

I have them both spoiled but it has all been worth every minute of it.

Sep 03, 2012
the beauty of the Gouldian
by: DAN s wales uk

hi John, just think of your birds as people some are placid, some are shy , some are aggressive, and some are just plain beautiful. all the best with your birds Dan

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