Behavior of femail Gouldian Finch while breeding

by Aracely Hoffmeister
(Tucson, AZ)

My female lady Gouldian Finch has been behaving differently for the last week. She has been very quiet and sleeps a lot. I have noticed that she is trying to nest in her food bowl so I took it out of the cage and now she slowly goes into her nesting box. I had to put food in a smaller container and she still every now and then sits on it and sleeps. Is she sick or is she getting ready to breed? I haven't noticed any contact with the male other than sleeping next to each other. He does sing a lot so I'm not sure if she is ok or not. I appreciate any input you can give me.

Thank you


Hi Aracely,

Is the female showing any signs of distress such as panting? Are you feeding them a diet to promote their breeding? Please tell me everything you are giving them. In the mean time, please be sure that the temperature near their cage is between the hi 70's and the low 80's. I'll know more if I know what and how often you are feeding them. Thanks, Jeanie

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May 31, 2012
by: Aracely Hoffmeister

Thank you for responding to my question. Yes, I am feeding them Forta diet, pro health, adding some Avilac Stress health blend. I do keep them inside and do have my house somewhat cool. I have been taking them outside in the morning and keep them out there in the shade but then bring them inside once it gets too hot. She seems to be doing better the past few days and does not seem as lethargic as she was. I am trying to keep the cage in a spot where the air does not hit the cage much. I keep food in the cage at all times. Should I only keep it in there at certain times?

Thank you


I should have asked you if you want your birds to breed. I believe you said they had a nest box and that he is singing a lot. I keep my birds at a constant temperature in the high 70's to low 80's when breeding. Heat is not so much a problem as drastic changes in the temperature they live in. In the wild Australia the summer temperatures can get as high as 110 degrees and they do well.
I am not famliar with the foods that you are giving them, but that's alright as long as you are offering them a seed mixture designed for Austrailian finches. I like to offer mine canary seed too just because there are some different seeds in that. When attempting to get them to breed, it's essential to offer fresh greens and chopped hard boiled eggs every morning. Mine love Romaine lettuce and/or most dark green leafy veggies. I mix the hard boiled eggs with dry egg food and offer it each morning while they are molting and/or breeding. The birds will then know that there is going to be a bounty of spring like food that is going to be available to them to feed their young, so hopefully they will mate. Our domesticated Gouldians won't eat bugs as the wild ones do so the egg food provides their only source of animal protein which their bodies need. Hope this is helpful, Jeanie

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