Blue Back Male Gouldian

Keeps falling off the perch ..... and is very distressed

His nails are short .... legs looks fine ..... any ideas ??

He's an adult Male .... had him for over a year ... this has

just started. He's not Twirling .... just falling off the

perch ..... I'm not sure what to do, any help would be

gratefully appreciated

Thank you in advance !! Jeff ....

Hi Jeff,

The first thing to do for an ailing Gouldian is to increase the temperature around them. They normally have a high metabolic rate and if their bodies don't have to work so hard keeping that rate up, they can cconserve some energy, hopefully for healing.

I can only tell you my experiences and years ago, I did have a yellow back that suddenly was unable to stay on a perch. It was suggested to me by other breeders that problems with balance are caused by inner ear infections. If that were the case, I would have to take the bird to an avian veterinarian who was knowledgeable about Gouldian finches, to have them do a culture and tell me which antibiotic to use. There is no avian vet. near me, so that was not an option. I am sure I could have bought an antibiotic from a pet store, but I didn't know which one.

Next, I was told by some old timer breeders that my bird had most likely had a stroke. Nothing I could do if that were the case. I did some additional research and found that a genetic mutation or a lack of enough of some of the trace minerals could also be causes.

Of all those possible causes, the only thing I could do anything about was increase the trace minerals. I was already providing an oyster shell, mineralized grit and a cuttlebone, both of which come from the sea. I read that sea water, which contains all the elements that Australian finches need, given in a diluted solution, (1 part sea water to 4 parts drinking water), was at least something I could try. My local health food store sells filtered and purified sea water or I would have gone to a tropical fish store to find it.

My yellow back did not improve. She never was able to sit on a perch again. She lived for three more years. She was never in any pain. I lowered everything in her cage so that she could reach whatever she needed. She spent most of her time resting on seed in an extra seed cup and she even raised three broods of three or four chicks each.

It is hard to accept that sometimes I just don't have a perfect answer. Wish I could be of more help.
Good luck,Jeanie

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