Breeding at night

by Marjolein
(Rijswijk, The Netherlands)

Hi there,

We have two gouldian finches that are currently breeding; during daytime they the man and the hen breed alternately, but when the night falls they stop breeding and sleep outside the nest.. is this normal or is something wrong here? And if there is, can we do something about it?

Thanks a lot in advance for your answer!

Hi Marjolein,

It doesn't sound as though anything is wrong. It's fine that they are both out of the nest at night at this time. In ten to 15 days after mating, hopefully the hen will start laying eggs. She'll lay one egg each morning until her clutch is complete. It has been my experience that brooding does not start in earnest until all of the eggs have been layed. Incubating the eggs is shared by both parents during the day, but mostly at night it is the female that stays on the eggs. Hope this helps, Jeanie

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