breeding gouldian in cold places

by murali
(ooty, tamilnadu, india)

hai i am from ooty it is a cold place.i have got two pairs of gouldian of the bird laid two clutches of egg and incubated but the chicks did not hatch, when i checked the eggs were spoiled . what might be the problem no devolopment of chicks on the eggs. i have kept heating bulbs in the cage , i feed seed mix and calcium for my birds. i am desperste to get my birds chicks. please help me

Hi Murali,

Of all the finches, Gouldians are the ones who need the most heat. You are on the right track with extra heat sources. For breeding mine did best if they were living in the low 80 degrees or the high 70's. Diet is the next thing to check on. When Gouldians are breeding or molting they require finely chopped hard cooked eggs with dried egg food and fresh dark green vegetables, (Romaine lettuce is a good choice), early in the morning each day. I also give my birds mineralized grit which is made from ground up oyster shells. The birds also need 14 hours of sunlight. There are full spectrum or daylight bulbs or tubes that you can place or hang on their cages to accomplish this. I hope this is helpful, If you have more questions be sure to email me again. Good Luck, Jeanie

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