breeding gouldians

by Stan
(Lehigh Acres)

Is there anything special i can do to breed my gouldians,i have 2 pairs in seperate cages,with a nest box on the outside of each cage,i covered 2 sides of the cages, they build the nest then for some reason throw out some of the material then put some back again. i get exited when i see them building hopeing to get eggs soon and then some babies,is there anything i can do to help,looking forward to a reply,thanks,Stan.

Hi Stan,

Gouldians have some very specific needs when it comes to breeding. Since in the wild they nest in hollow tree limbs where they really don't need much nesting material, I make their nests by stuffing their boxes with a fist full of smooth coconut fibers. I leave a tiny bit of the fibers on the cage floor for the male to take into the box. They need to be warm, to have 14 hrs. of full spectrum light and most of all they need to be on a breeding diet. That consists of finely chopped hard boiled eggs and fresh dark green leafy vegetables each morning.
Hope this helps. Best wishes, Jeanie

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