Breeding Lady Gouldians

by Linda
(Howell Mi.)

My Blackheaded Lady Gouldian has layed 4 eggs she isn't sitting on them all the time.... And I don't know if she mated with the yellow male , he just sits and sings isn't helping her sit on eggs . My question is will he wait until she has layed all the eggs? Could it be that the other bird that is always with her be a male and her mate even tho he doesn't sing? Thank you for all your help!!

Hi Linda,

Gouldians usually lay one egg early in the morning each day until they have completed their clutch. Nobody really starts brooding the eggs until the clutch is complete. I think the plan is that this will allow all of the chicks to hatch on the same morning so that while they are growing they all remain equal in development and no one chick can become a food hog. Sure the other bird could be the father if he's really a male. As time goes on I think the daddy male will begin parenting and not want the other male to get in the nest, so keep watching and see how things progress. Best Wishes, Jeanie

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