Breeding lines and/or colors?

by LaRetta
(Charlotte NC USA)

I've read that black-headed females prefer same-color-head males. I also read that the different colors are not different species but rather color variations.

I am just starting out and I've been reading like crazy and plan to buy a few pair to breed but I want to enhance the breed and not pollute it. Should I stick to 'same-color-head' breeding?

What are a breeder's responsibilities to the Lady Gouldian breed? I decided to buy birds from different breeders and/or parts of the east coast. Does this help keep down inbreeding problems? Do we keep registrations on our birds (or require them when purchasing) so we can know their lineage?

I've raised Orange Weavers, Java Sparrows, Zebras and Bronze mannakins but only because I gave them nests so they would be comfortable sleeping. Oh dear. I don't breed birds - they breed each other!! Ha ha!

I'm studying the needs of this new (to me) variety. And the various colors are fascinating.

The different colored gouldians, different colors other than red, yellow, (orange), or black heads with purple breasts and green backs are referred to as mutations. These birds do not exist in the wild. Some of the genes that produce the pigments to color the feathers have become altered. They have genetic mutations.
I do not know if the birds like being paired with same head color mate. I think they do, because everything goes so much better. There are dominance issues between the head colors. The yellow heads are mostly submissive to the red heads. To breed for the finest Gouldian specimens, be content pairing same to same head colors. It's a bumpy road breeding for mutations, especially the blues. There will be many disappointments and less successes breeding for mutations. If you want mutations, buy them,
It's a good idea to keep records. Banding is done for this reason when the chicks are only days old. Closed and dated bands can be bought from the on line. Different colored split bands, without dates, are also available and can be put on at any age. I used different colors for different families in order to avoid pairing relatives. I'm sure you have avoided inbreeding by buying from different areas of the country. Best of luck!!!

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