breeding of orange heads green back gouldian

by Kim
(Groveland MA)

I am wondering what family the orange head is. Whether it is considered red or orange? who would be the best mate for the orange male?

Thank you !

Kim York,

Hi Kim,

All Lady Gouldian Species were classified in the Family, Estrildidae, (known as grass finches), until a few years ago when they were moved into the Family Erythrura along with parrot finches. This switch was decided upon because this group of finches have species specific unique markings inside the mouths of the chicks.
The red head is considered to be the native or original and dominant head color in the wild. Although both the black head and the orange head,(also referred to as the yellow head), are also found in the wild, they are considered to be genetic mutations of the red head.

Choosing head colors to pair all depends on how you feel or what you want to accomplish. In the beginning, I found that a lot of breeders like to mix the head colors just to see what they will get when their chicks first molt. However there are many more breeders who believe in keeping the mutations pure, so to speak, by pairing like head colors with like head colors and attempting to improve the richness of that one color. The head colors of the chicks from two yellow heads may be any of the three colors, red, black or yellow depending on the genetic make up that their parents pass on to them. It's like eye colors in people. Each chick gets one gene from each parent. Red is dominant in Gouldians just as brown is dominant in people's eyes. Black and yellow are both recessive in that order. I have found the birds themselves will more often than not choose a partner with the same head color if given the choice. Hope this helps,

Best Wishes, Jeanie

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