Breeding White Breast to White Breast

by Zora

WB Male And Female

WB Male And Female

Hello, I have one pair of Lady Gouldian finches. I bought a beautiful pair of white breast. The hen's beak is turning very dark. The male dances and she responds. I placed silk flowers and vines around their cage for privacy. He pulls at them. This is all very, very good. I planned to give her a little more time so she can be in condition. I planned to give them a nest box in a week or so. Yesterday I read an article on breeding which states NEVER breed white breast to white breast. Please tell me what you would do. Separate them and buy a pair of normals to quarantine and then split them up (normal to WB)? What I hope you will say is pair the babies to normals, but I want to have healthy chicks. The picture was taken after I bought them. The hen's beak is drk gray now. Thank you for your advice.

Hi Nora,

It is generally accepted to be a good idea not to pair white breasts to each other. That mutation is so widely found and is such a strong bird overall now days, (unlike the blue backs). If they were my birds, I would give them a chance to breed. I have found that generally the more mutations that get passed on to the chicks the greater the likelihood that the chicks may be inferior birds. Your birds have become a bonded pair. They accept each other. If they are successful breeding and raising their chicks that will be wonderful and you can then pair the chicks with normals. If they are not successful at least you have given them a chance. Then you will know that you should split them up and get normals or split to white breasts. In mixed aviaries, I would imagine that two white breasts have bred successfully before. Who can say it won't be alright? I really can't give advice. I can only tell you what I would do. Suppose you had not read that article that said never to pair WB? Best Wishes, Jeanie

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