my lady gouldians have layed eggs before but only one. then after a couple of days they throw it out. how do i get them to breed or lay more eggs. very frustrated. do i need to have something in the nest besides what i have in there? i have perches their feeding dishes and a bamboo house. should i try a breeding box to see if that helps any?

Are you are feeding them crushed hard boiled eggs or egg food and fresh greens along with their regular seeds every day? I have always had better luck with breeding boxes lined with coconut fibers as opposed to the little bamboo ones. It's worth a try to change the nest. Is your cage large enough for the pair to get enough exercise flying around in it? Are they getting 14 hours of sunlight daily?
Hope this helps, Jeanie

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Oct 06, 2010
by: deanna

thank you very much. i will try what you suggested.

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