by Rhonda
(Louisiana )

I recently bought 2 male lady gouldian finches from a well known breeder. She gave me one because it was molting and said it was a male??But as the feathers are coming out its a red head with a black beak. Is this a male or female? One of the males was doing his jumping courtship dance last night. I also noticed they are shredding up bark from a branch and placing it on the ground on one section of the bottom cage. Help, it's my first time owning these amazing little birds. Thank you, Rhonda

Oh, Rhonda,

Sounds like you have a breeding pair. Look closely at the purple breasts and the yellow tummies of your birds when they are close to each other. The males will be a much more deep or brilliant color than the females and the females will have some or more black feather in their head feathers. If you want to breed them give them a nest box and some nesting material, rabbit food like alfalfa or coconut fibers. Give them egg food and fresh green vegetables and keep them warm. There is a lot more to know if you really want to breed them successfully. I wish I could write everything here, but there is not enough room. Good luck, Jeanie

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