How long does the mother or father sit on the baby Gouldians. The 3 babies I have are a week old. This is the first evening the mom isn't laying on the babies. Is that okay? Both mom and dad have been feeding babies regularly. This is the parents first set of babies.


Hi Francie,

Let me see if I understand your thinking. The parents have to keep the eggs warm in order for them to develop into chicks, but once hatched and eating well the chicks develop the ability to generate their own body heat. If the chicks are growing and you said the parents are feeding them, I would not be worried. You have done very well for your birds. I think problems would have shown up before this if there was anything wrong.

Thanks for visiting my site, Jeanie

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Oct 16, 2012
Thank you
by: Francie

Hi, I just wanted to thank you for your prompt response.
Babies are well and Prince Charming and Sleeping Beauty are feeding them and looking after them. The babies are 8 days old and are beginning to open their eyes and are beginning to develop pin feathers. They appear to be around 3 times the size of their egg. The whole process has been a joy to witness from the courtship dance to nest building, egg laying, the birth of the chicks to now seeing them grow and watching the parents feed them, etc. So amazing.
Thank you,

It is my great pleasure to hear from Gouldian owners that all is well. Thanks for letting me know, Jeanie

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