Cage too small they already setup the nest what do i do?

by Jack
(Los Angeles)


i just read your website, now i realize my cage is too small. i have my first ever pair of gouldians, i put in the nest and dry grass. i've seen the male's courting rituals toward the female and the next day he took all the dry grass into the nest. they are now both sleeping inside the nest. only problem is that i didn't account for the pair having as many as 6 babies (rookie mistake), and think my cage is too small, its one of those round top small cages sold at petco for about 39.99, about 18" x 24". i am now looking at a 5 foot cage to buy which is sufficient for the pair along with the babies. my question is how can i switch them to the bigger cage without doing any mistakes again. the pair hasn't laid any eggs yet but they are well established to their nest for about 3 days now. thanks in advance!

Sincerely Jack

Hi Jack,

I think that the cage you have,(16 x 24),is alright for one pair and their chicks. I doubt it will seem to be crowded until the chicks need more flight space and they will all be easy to move safely by then. I kept a single breeding pair in a cage,(18" high x 30" wide or long)and there was plenty of space. Your cage is not so much smaller than mine. If all is going well, I would just let them alone and not move them right now. A couple of weeks after the chicks leave the nest moving them all into a bigger cage should be fine. Since there are no eggs and if you want to get them into a larger cage now, I would do it very soon, before there are eggs. Just set the new cage up and move their nest, etc. into it. Hope this helps, Jeanie

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