Can I Aataúm few bones

by assaf al tae
(iraq Baghdad)

Can I Aataúm few bones of fish and chicken bones with eggshell powder note I owned a pair of these birds and the color of the male is blue and the color of a female is green and note Anamava incubation period of eggs was time to put the first egg of her nineteen days with my thanks and appreciation to you?

Hi Assaf,

Sorry for the delay in answering you. I have been trying to translate the two words; aataum and anamava, but I cannot.

I always keep a cuttle fish bone in my Gouldians' cages along with crushed egg shells. I have not tried any other kind of fish bones, but I think if you can eat the fish, the birds could eat and might like the bones. I would sterilize the bones in boiling water and let them dry completely before crushing and giving them to my Gouldians. I would not mix the bones with the egg shells until I was sure the birds would eat them without problems. Are cuttle bones available to you in Baghdad? I can send some to you if you can't get them there. I have not ever given my birds chicken bones, so I don't know if that would hurt them or not. Before I offered chicken bones, I would give the birds crushed oyster shells. Gouldians have higher needs for Iodine and salt than other finches and both of those trace elements are in fish bones and oyster shells.

Your photos are beautiful!! Thank you for sending them to me.

I hope this is helpfull, Jeanie

I hope this is a help to you, Jeanie

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