Can i keep 4 lady gouldian finch breeding pairs in one cage?

I have a few Lady Gouldian Finch breeding pairs, and I wanted to know if I can keep 4 lady Gouldian breeding pairs in one cage.

If its OK to mix the pairs up in the one cage, what size should it be, and are there any special things I need to be aware of, or things that I need to change in a big cage?


Yes, you can keep 8 Lady Gouldians in one cage. It will need to be a flight cage so that there is ample space for all to fly around at the same time without bumping into each other.

Gouldians need to be able to rest on their perches without bumping into each other also. A cage minimum of 5' x 5'x 3'deep or larger.

Special tips would be to hang up more than four nests or nest boxes so all pairs have choices and be alert for aggressive behavior.

Best of Luck


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