Can i keep my canaries with gouldian finches

As I would like to have a large aviary with a variety of birds, I wanted to know if I can keep lady gouldian finches with canaries?

are there any special tips I need to know?

Thank you Jeannie for your help.

In a large aviary it is quite possible to keep Gouldians with canaries. I have no experience with canaries and Gouldians during their breeding periods. That will depend largely on the individual birds. Keep a close eye on them when they are introduced to each other. Trouble will likely show up from the very beginning if they don't like one another.
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Mar 24, 2016
Size of cage
by: Teri

I have 5 g feel and 2 small singing finches. I need to find out how big of a cage do I need. I do have a flight cage but it makes such a mess on the windows in back and the furniture next to it. Do you have any ideas to help. I can buy a different cage if needed. Thank you.

Hi Teri,

Gouldians need room for flight unless they are breeding so the larger the cage the better. I cut up a clear shower curtain liner and use plain old closes pins to hang the 3 pieces,(back and two sides), to the cage. let the sides and back pieces over lap each other. Gouldians do well in box cages anyway and I think they are less jittery when some of the cage is covered for them. Let the plastic go to the floor to help control the seed shells and feathers. If you have two sets of plastic panels, it is not a problem to switch them when one is dirty and needs washing off. Best Wishes,Jeanie

Aug 29, 2011
Canaries and goulds
by: Anonymous

I would say that it is no problem at all to keep canaries with your gouldians... The canaries are great teacher birds and will teach your goulds to eat more varities os foods. Canaries are, in my opinion, very smart birds. I'm able to let my goulds out to fly in the house just because my canaries are so good at teaching them how to get back in the cage and not to fly into windows and stuff.

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