Can I put 1 female & 5 males in the same cage to let her pick her mate?

by Kim
(Orient, OH)

I have a pair of goulds in a cage and the male seems interested in her but she spends all of her time looking towards another cage that I have 4 males in. Can I put her in the same cage with the 4 males and let her pick her mate then move them to a separate cage alone together with a nest to breed? Or, would the males fight over her etc. Thanks in advance for your answer.


Hi Kim,
Can you guess which male it is that she prefers? If not, I think I would just take her current partner out and try putting the other males in her pair cage, one at a time for however long it takes you to observe who she responds well to. That would avoid the likelihood that the males would fight over her. If she is not interested in the first new male, I think you will see another negative response from her, (hopping away from him and his advances and not being calm or listening when he sings). When the hen is accepting of her male companion, you will see that she puts her beak down to the perch and swipes it side to side on the perch. Then she will vibrate her tail feathers side to side rapidly. Best Wishes, Jeanie

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