Can i put baby goulians in with my zebra finches

by Jenny McDougall

I have zebra Finches who have babies out of the nest for 3 weeks...we have just bought 3 baby gouldian finches. Can we put them all in together...or keep them separated for a while??

Hi Jenny,

I know Zebra finches make good foster parents. It's not clear to me how young your Gouldians are. Do they need fostering? I like to see new birds kept separate for a few weeks just to be sure they aren't introducing some new bugs to my other birds, but if you need to put them together with your Zebras, it can work out well or it may not. You will have to watch them and see how the young Gouldians are treated by the parents and the juvenile Zebras. Just pull up a chair for a couple of hours and I think you'll see if the newcomers are going to be accepted.

Best Wishes, Jeanie

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