can the mother gouldian raise chicks on her own?

I have a pair of red head goulds, gave them a nest, he courted her and she layed 5 eggs. I did not disturb them. They hatched and the male kept throwing them out of the nest. I put them back. They were only a couple of days old. When I checked the nest, 3 were dead. The last two I pulled, the 3 that died could have been the ones he threw? The two I pulled she could have been feeding? I'll never know. They are doing great feathers opening, toooo much work, I don;t want to do it again. I did put the babies in thier cage in a plastic container and she flew down and fed them, the male was not interested in them. Before I had a chance to separate them he mated with her twice!!!! I put the nest back. Can I take him out just before the eggs hatch? Can she take care of them if I take some of the eggs out?

Hi Loretta,

I am sorry that it has taken me so long to answer your questions. Without further delay, yes, the three that died could have been the ones you found tossed out, but I can't say for sure. I have observed that the tossed chicks are rarely injured during that process, but putting them back into the nest most always leads to their deaths.
I have always had society pairs set up to foster parent tossed chicks, but if you don't, I would take the male out as you suggested, just before hatching. I have read that if one of the parents dies the other parent can and will continue to care for the chicks, but I have no experience with this.
Wish I knew more for you, Jeanie

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