Can you breed an orange face male with a red face female

by Kass Arthur
(London, Ontario, Canada)

As stated above, I have bred owl finches, blue parrot finches and Shaft Tail finches.

I have two male Gouldians, one Orange face and one Red face. I have two female Gouldians, both Red face.

The pair of Red face have been set up for breeding and are currently sitting on the nest. I have been told that you cannot breed an orange face and red face.

Is this true?

Hi Kass,

No, that is not true. There are breeders who want to breed like head colors together to keep what they call a "pure" line, so they can predict that the offspring will all have the same head colors. Then there are other breeders who want to breed different head colors to one another to see what they will produce. The only thing that matters when breeding green back Gouldians is whether they like each other. Best Wishes, Jeanie

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