by Patrick Gunn
(covina ca. u.s.a.)

in aviary how to catch one of 33 at night or bigger net ?

Hi Patrick,

In my aviary I use a net that has a seven inch opening plus a twelve inch handle. The net itself is fourteen inches deep. That depth gives the bird a gentle landing strip or slide and enables me to twist the handle and flop the net over the rim to prevent the bird from getting out. I have not ever tried to catch a bird at night. sometimes I just catch up all the birds, one at a time according to the ease with which I can get them and put them in a temporary cage until I can catch the one I really want.

I did have an occasion at a bird mart, in a fairly large armory, where, after buying a bird the purchaser opened the carry cage to give the bird water and it flew out. I sent the customer to a nearby toy store to purchase a jumbo toy water gun. The idea was not to soak the bird, just to keep him flying and to tire him out and force him to come down to rest on the floor. A vender near me was selling nets and he handed out his entire supply to everyone who would help. The little boy who caught the bird,(twelve inch net), swung the net like a baseball bat. I was sure the bird was dead, but all was fine. Hope this helps you. Best Wishes, Jeanie

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