by Joshua Nelson

Hello, I have a pair of Gouldians. I have tried, and tried, and tried to get babies from them. When I first got them they immediately layed clutch after clutch and fertility was very low. If any chicks hatched they were thrown right out. Then this year. Diet was changed and housing. Fertility was still low, and not even one chick was hatched. Chicks would die in the shell before they got close to hatching. The male sings to the hen, and she turns her head and flys away. Im so distaught with the pair, they are beautiful and my other pair has had babies. I need help. Do I change mates, and should i get another pair to pair them up with? What happens if they are still not compatible after buying a new pair. I just want success from this problem pair.


Wow! I can feel your disappointment. The great thing is that you have succeeded with another pair and I am assuming that you are treating them identically. So you are not doing anything to cause these birds to fail at breeding. It sounds as though the female is not very nice. So it's time for a separation. I would try to find the male a new girlfriend. It has been my experience that the birds who toss out their babies once will continue to do so. If your hen does lay more eggs, after ten days you can candle them and see if they are fertile. You'll see lots of little red blood vessels in the eggs by then if they are. I would have a pair of societies ready with a nest and give the eggs to them asap. I have read that dead in the shell babies are caused by a lack of humidity, but I can't say for sure. I have a humidifier and use it sometimes. I still occasionally will have the eggs die. There are somethings that we just can't control.

Hope this helps, Jeanie

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