Condition of feathers

by Joan MacFarland
(Queens, NY USA)

My rainbow finch has been moulting. His bright colors are gone and I can see tiny white tip feathers on his head and upper body. Is this normal? He continues to eat and sing and is active, but I am concerned about the feather condition.

Since I cannot see your bird, I can't be sure, but it sounds as though it could be that you are seeing the white chiten sheath that holds the feather inside while it is growing out. If that is what you are seeing, it will either be worn off or scratched off and then reveal the colored feathers. In any event, waiting for a week or so while continuing to keep offering your bird a nutriciously complete dietis the path I would try. Gouldians will eat what their bodies need if it is offered.

Please let me hear from you soon again if this is not what happens. Best wishes, Jeanie

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