death of Lady Gouldian babies

by Lisa Clingersmith
(Murrieta, Ca.)


I recently purchased a pair of Lady Gouldians but have this question.
About 10 years ago I purchased a pair of Lady Gouldians
and the hen ended up laying 6 eggs and all 6 eggs hatched and survived, they feed them and took care of them it was just so exciting to my daughter and I, then when they were around maybe 6 or 8 weeks old (not exactly sure it was so long ago) but I do recall they had all their feathers and had fledged the nest and I'm pretty sure they were eating on their own (almost positive) they flew around acted completely healthy and then they each started dying just one by one. I lost the whole clutch. So disappointing!! I do recall moving them to a larger cage, that was like 24 inches long and maybe at least 12 inches high.
I feed the parents, eggfood, and greens etc and I think vitamins etc... I did not move them, just moved them into a different cage.
I would love to have babies with my new pair, but I'm so afraid that the same thing will happen and I would just like to know if you have any suggestions that will help me with this new pair.
Thank you so much in advance for your help.
I have only had them for two days now and have no purchased the nest yet, I thought it would be best to make sure they are eating well and doing great.

Lisa Clingersmith

Hi Lisa,

Wow! How awful for you. There is no reason for you to worry about your new birds. Obviously you are giving your birds the environment and nutrition they need or you would not have gotten six healthy chicks. My first guess as to what happened is that they weren't able to feed themselves adequately. I always leave the juveniles with their parents for at least two weeks,(fourteen days minimum), after they fledge so long as there is no parental aggression. Did you observe them eating after you moved them into a separate cage?

Another possible cause would be worms. Just for my comfort level, I would give your new pair a new cage and not use anything that was used by your first pair. It is impossible for me to be certain of either of these causes. I am really just guessing, but it does not sound like a disease organism. Remember that there were healthy chicks and there is no reason to think that the same thing will happen again.

Best Wishes and try not to worry!! Jeanie

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May 04, 2011
Ronidazole treatments
by: Anonymous

Young gouldians that die like that are infected with coccidia or other parasitic disease organisms. Treat with ronidazole...then coccidistat. Ronidazole is safe with young chicks even a day old. Its better to treat than to have them die off, awful!

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