Do gouldians "mis" mate?

by Renae Shelford
(Queensland Australia)

Hi, I have several gouldians in a communal cage and it appears that the two males are attracted to each one and not the females in the cage! Is this usual and how can I prevent this from happening? Also is there any way I can get them to pair up with a female and not each other?

Thank you,

Hi Renae,

I have observed young adult males singing to each other and following each other in the cage. I have thought of it as being a kind of bragging or showing off or even competing with each other. Are the females in the communal cage in breeding plumage? Are their beaks darkened? If they are all young birds, I think I would just give them a bit more time.

Sometimes when I want pairs to pick their mates, I will put the males in one cage and the females in another, side by side like you have done and I would watch to see if either of the hens was responsive to or showed an interest in a particular male.

Good luck, Jeanie

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