Do half hand fed and finished raised gouldian, raise their own babies??

by Araceli
(Salinas CA )

My pair had hatched 6 babies. 4 where tossed out and hand raised for 20 days. When his 2 fledged out of the nest, I added a hand fed baby, to my surprise they started feeding their baby, so I put all his babies back to their parents nest.. THEY ARE FEEDING THEM, here and there I try feeding them with the syringe. Sometimes they eat and sometimes reject me !! Are they going to be able to breed?????

WOW! I would never have thought to try putting them back after twenty days of hand feeding. I am wondering, are the four about the same size as the two that have fledged? I found that it took a while for the fledged chicks to be able to feed themselves completely and that the weaning process was gradual and continued after the birds were able to fly. For sometime after fledging my juveniles would return to the nest with their parents. Only after the chicks are totally self sufficient, would I expect the parents to set about breeding again. I hope this is the way it will go with your birds, but it is not anything I can be certain about. I would keep a close watch on how the parents are treating the young and if I noticed any parental aggression, I would move all the juveniles away from them.

Looking back at your title, I realize that I may have misundertood your question. If your question was, later in life, will the six chicks know how to feed their own offspring and my answer to that is yes. I never had any problems with fostered chicks being albe to care for their own chicks and I have never heard of hand fed chicks not knowing how to feed their chicks either.
Hope I understood your question. Jeanie

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Jan 03, 2012
by: Araceli

3 out of 6 are about the same hatched Date!! All where added in the nest, but like you mention they all go in and out as they please. They are doing fine. And NO agression at all !! I'm very surprised myself!! Well we will see !!

Thanks for the update, Jeanie

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