dry flaky feet and legs

by vicki
(Antioch, il)

My finch has dry feet, they look flaky. It looks like some of the skin that flaked off is red. None of the other finches in my flight cage have this problem. Any advise on how to fix this problem?

Thank you,

Hi Vicki,

Had to do a bit of research in my own book to answer you. Sorry for the delay. Research tells me that Vitamin A is the vitamin which is most frequently lacking in Gouldians. Safflower seeds or oil are the most nutritious oil for Gouldians. Cod liver oil is good too. I would try adding the above to their diet by offering a separate small container of seeds coated with either of these oils. Don't leave it in the cage long enough for the oil to become rancid. If you don't want to use the oil, I would add a little cup of flaxseed, chopped sunflower seeds, wheat germ or chopped walnuts.
I have used a drop of vegetable oil applied topically to the legs as well. It is harmless and often lubricated the passageway to save an egg bound hen.
Best Wishes, Jeanie

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