eggs being incubated but not hatching

I have a pair of gouldians who have successfully raised one clutch but have lost 2 since. Though they sit on the eggs 3-4 weeks go by and they don't hatch. This pair are siblings.

I have a large cage, 60 cubic feet. So I now have another pair (not siblings) which laid a clutch and then abandoned it for another nest.

I had to bring the cage in for the threat of a tropical storm and that seemed to upset the newest female (which is a yellow back) and seems more sensitive than the others.

The next day the second pair was going in the other pair's nest. They appear to not be incubating their second clutch.

I also have an odd couple, a zebra and a society in the cage which are buddy buddy but don't have a nest.

My questions are: why are the incubated eggs not hatching? Is it common to abandon a new clutch ( about a week old.?

Also, I have a bird with what appears to be scaly face mites. He is in a separate cage. I have been treating him with Scat every 2 weeks for 7weeks. and he is not looking much better. I have successfully treated another bird with the product in the past.

Is there another product available that might be more effective?



I doubt the fact the pair are siblings has anything to do with their recent activities.
I gather your large cage has been outside your home. Moving the birds or changing their cage or its location is enough to upset their routine, but that may not be the problem. I suspect the weather changes have more to do with the loss of the eggs and chicks. For successful breeding I kept the temp. in the high 70's to low 80's both day and night. Sudden changes are no,no's too.
I had situations similar to what you describe happen when I tried colony breeding. It just didn't go smoothly for my birds. For breeding, I had the best success when I used individual cages for each pair.

As to the mites, I have no experience with Scat, but that's a long time for no results. I would call aroung to find an avian veterinarian and at least talk to them on the phone. When I could not find an avian vet. I would sometimes Google Abba Products Bird Supplies and ask what products they offer. The Abbate family are very experienced in finch care.
Best of Luck, Jeanie

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