by Kim St. Clair
(Newcastle, California)

I have a crystal singing bowl. I played it while my canary and gouldian pair both had a clutch of eggs. Out of 4 canary eggs, only 2 hatched, 2 days apart, the young were dead by the next day.

My gouldians had six eggs, I saw 1 live baby this morning, hours later, it was dead. They have 4 eggs left. (1 was found broken at the bottom of the cage, same as the canaries.

the last canary egg was also found broken, with only a yolk.) Could the vibrations of the singing bowl have affected the eggs? (My canary's very first clutch of four all hatched within 13 days, were flying within 14, I had NOT played the bowl.)

The cages have not been moved, heat/humidity are the same, food is the same.

I cannot understand this failure, other than to blame it on the vibrations from the singing bowl, even though it was not played next to them, but in the next room, AND, only only the one time.

I do have an open floor plan. If not this, what could be the cause?

Thank you.

Sincerely, Kim St. Clair


Hello Kim,

For starters, I’d obtain a humidity gauge and check that the humidity level near the cages is between 60% and 70 %.

I have my doubts as to the power of the vibrations from your crystal bowl, being played in an adjacent room, damaging the developing eggs.

It seems possible that the adult birds could have been frightened by the sounds or vibrations and their normal brooding patterns were interrupted long enough for the contents of the eggs to have been damaged.

I do not have any experience with singing bowls, but for the purpose of elimination, if you plan to let the pairs breed again, don’t play the bowl.

If all goes well, you will have your answer, but if it is another disaster, I would look for a veterinarian to examine their stools for parasites such as E-coli.

The fact that both pairs had failures, gives me concern for contamination of food or water.

Check out my thirteen tips on problem solving and see if any of those ideas seems relevant to your situation.

Best wishes and I hope this helps.


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Apr 27, 2010
by: Anonymous

That makes a lot of sense!

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