Encounters Of The Tweeting Kind!

by john liming
(United States)


I looked at those sweet little faces, surrounded by feathers--really cute little dark beady eyes-- and my heart melted.

Looking at these totally innocent creatures sitting there on their perches, the thought crossed my mind, "I wonder if something that small can ever interact with me and become more than something to merely observe?"

My pair of Gouldian Finches ate seeds with a passion and chirped and hissed at their reflections in the mirrors I had hung in their cages. They took baths and chirped occasionally and I thought, "I've got birds!"

My "Babies" are named "Sugar" and Booger." They are both males and I had to separate them early because Booger is bigger and chased Sugar away from his food and all over the cage. It must have been a "Territory" thing. So both of them have their own cages now and that works out well.

They can still visit back and forth and chatter at each other and they seem happy that way.

So one day, I was trying to coax sugar to get up on his swing so I could "Push" him gently.

He stared at me and cocked his head giving me the "Bird Eye" and tweeted once or twice but that was about the extent of it.

Then, after a week of this routine, he suddenly jumped up on his swing and I began to gently push-- back and forth.

Sugar was enjoying himself wonderfully and Booger was watching from the corner of his cage. He never took his little eyes off Sugar as the swing went back and forth.

All of a sudden, while I was swinging Sugar, there came these three little soft "Tweets" in rapid fire succession and Booger jumped onto his swing and stared at me as if to say, "Me Too! Me Too!"

Now there is interaction aplenty between my little feathered friends and me.

They find a new way to delight my very soul with each day that passes.

Love can really come in small packages after all.

Thank you so much. I have no trouble believing your wonderful story.
Thank you for adding it!!! Jeanie

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