Feather eating mites in gouldians?

I have heard about, but don't know if its true, or what I need to do about feather eating mites in lady gouldian finches?

If it is true, is there action I should take about these feather mites?

Thank you for your assistance.


Feather mites can become a serious problem. Keeping the bird room or cage clean is most important to prevent an infestation. The mites are very tiny and will hide in the smallest spaces. Spray all surfaces of the cages and nest boxes with a water based pyrethrin insecticide and dust all the birds with a pyrethrin powder. A second treatment in five days will kill any that exist or hatch after the first treatment. Letting the birds bathe a bit more frequently will cut down on mites also.
Hope this helps, Jeanie

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Nov 19, 2010
remove from cages?
by: Anonymous

Should the birds be removed from the cages and housed elsewhere while the infested cages are being treated, or is it alright to leave the birds in them despite the chemicals?

Sorry, I should have added that. Remove the birds from the cage before spraying it and do a really thorough wetting down of it. Jeanie

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