feathers missing on the head

by Marilyn Jean
(Calgary Alberta)

I just came back from the dr. again. My red head, every year he loses his feathers around his ears. We are treating for air sac mites for the 3rd. time. Not sure if that is the problem, he also has a very dark black beak, not like the black head, which is bright red. Any idea why he keeps losing his head feathers?

Hi Marilyn,

I can't comment on the beak color. I really have not seen that.

There are many theories as to why feathers on the head are lost. Mites is one cause, but I think more often it is diet or plucking by others. I would review the diet that the bird has available to him to be certain that it contains plenty of egg food because feathers are mostly made of protein. An Iodine deficency is also often to blame. An Iodine supplelment can added to the diet. I liked to keep a cup of mineralized oyster shell grit available at all times too.
This is a frequent problem with Gouldians and may not correct itself quickly.

Good luck, Jeanie


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Apr 13, 2012
by: Janet

I too had a problem with my finches balding and I found that it was a deficiency in iodine. I bought a vitamin with iodine supplement from frisky finches and it has taken several months but we are well on the way to recovery. I will always keep my birds on these vitamins from now on. (4 days on and 3 days off) I will also treat my birds for air sac mites 4 times a year, I also bought meds from frisky finches for that also. I got scatt but there is also one other kind that I know of. Best of luck to ya!!

Apr 12, 2012
feather lose by ears
by: Anonymous

It sounds like he loses them when he is moulting. Do they all grow back in? If they all grow back in they I wouldn't be concerned, try adding the iodine to his diet. Does he have signs of airsac mites? I buy some great products for my birds and they have been doing really well. Send me an e-mail and I can let you know what I have been using. ayeclingersmith@aol.com

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