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by Elisha
(West Palm Beach, Florida)



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Hi my lady gouldian finches are starting to loose feathers. I have a male and female that have been together for more than a year and get along fine. I had my in-laws watch them for about a week, when I left them they where beautiful, when I picked them back up I noticed that they were loosing a lot of feathers. My in-laws have a pair of quaker parrots that are kept outside of the screen porch and mine where kept in the screen room. I was wondering if this is normal molting or if something is wrong with them. I have completely cleaned the cage and they have a fairly new mite protector on their cage. They seem to look worse every day when I look at them. Most of the feathers are missing around their necks. Please let me know what you think.

Wow! That's amazing. My best guess is that they were stressed to the point of feather picking by being moved and by being so close to the quakers. If it was just a week, it's not dietary. They were beautiful. It is possibly a molt. Are there lots of downy feathers on the floor of their cage? That is how I know my birds are starting a molt, lots of feathers on the floor. I would watch your birds closely without their knowing I was watching, maybe set up a mirror, and see if they peck at each other. I would start giving them egg food with finely chopped hard cooked eggs mixed in along with green vegetables in other words a molting diet. Hoping things get better, Jeanie

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May 01, 2011
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by: Elisha

I have been watching them some, I hang them outside my living room window on nice days. They peck very little like they are grooming each other, or to say this is my space back off a little, nothing that really concerns me. There are a lot of feathers in the bottom of the cage so I am hoping it is just a malt. I have started giving them chopped hard boiled egg but they are very finikey eaters so I am not sure they are eating it. I also got malting food and am feeding them that. Thanks for your help, now if I can just get them to breed for me.

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